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eXistenZ | 2022 | Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality | interactive digital space | Unity, C#, Blender | this was my final work for my Master in Fine Arts studies related to my Master Thesis “Entangled Viewer”

Failtopia | 2023 | Virtual Reality | Unity, Blender | team: Lucy Yao, Nicolette Damianou, Emil Rofors, Kabeer Andrabi and Sara Rutz | this project was created during the MIT Reality Hack in January 2023 and won the grand prize

2022: wrote an essay called AN ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY OF COLLECTIVE VIRTUAL SPACES IN GAMES for the publication, published by Distanz Verlag:

photo: ©OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH

2022 | Unity, Blender | During the VR days Hackathon we created a VR game, using haptic gloves of the sponsors, which helps users to learn sign language. I created 3D models in Blender. | team Octopi: Wessel Roelofse, Merlijn de Heus, Jack Jagt, Gillienne Ys, Jizelle Ys, Tristan van den Heuvel, and Sara Rutz. trailer: