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eXistenZ | 2022 | Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality | interactive digital space | Unity, C#, Blender | this was my final work for my Master in Fine Arts studies related to my Master Thesis “Entangled Viewer”

Failtopia | 2023 | Virtual Reality | Unity, Blender | team: Lucy Yao, Nicolette Damianou, Emil Rofors, Kabeer Andrabi and Sara Rutz | this project was created during the MIT Reality Hack in January 2023 and won the grand prize

2022: wrote an essay called AN ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY OF COLLECTIVE VIRTUAL SPACES IN GAMES for the publication, published by Distanz Verlag:

photo: ©OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH

2022 | Unity, Blender | During the VR days Hackathon we created a VR game, using haptic gloves of the sponsors, which helps users to learn sign language. I created 3D models in Blender. | team Octopi: Wessel Roelofse, Merlijn de Heus, Jack Jagt, Gillienne Ys, Jizelle Ys, Tristan van den Heuvel, and Sara Rutz. trailer: 


2023 | at the Seashore | seashell with QR code leading to a virtual | part of the group exhibition “The Seashore of Endless Worlds” at Le Commun Geneva |


AFTERLIFE | text adventure Game | 2021

The Game AFTERLIFE is a text based choice making Game about the virtual afterlife in the cloud of Afterlife company. The Game lets the player reflect on questions of existence in our digitized world, where our data traces keep on existing on hard drives and social media profiles even after we die in the physical world. What happens to your digital twin, that you carefully craft on social media profiles once you are gone and can’t update it anymore? 

play here: