present project:

Currently working on a project for Art Safiental. Frequent updates can be found below:


Location based AR Parcours:

During my residency in Safien valley 2020 I made 3D scans using my phone.

The 3D models from that scans such as mushrooms made in summer 2020 and tree trunks covered with snow from winter season 2020/21 are all no longer present when the user is able to see them in AR. The positions of the 3D models are documented in 3 Google maps. The scans were often made along hiking paths that are not yet documented and recognized as paths by Google. The user can walk the Parcours and via augmented reality replant the 3D models at the exact locations where they were made.

notes: roots, mushrooms, trees, underland, wood wide web

replanting the 3D scan made last summer in another season at the location it was scanned:

click on the coordinates to see the scans in 3D and click on “activate AR” for AR:

overview 3D scans made in Thalkirch:

overview 3D scans Route Tenna:

overview 3D scans made in Versam:

replanting a 3D scan made last summer at the location it was scanned: