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“We are in the early days of the NFT world — I’m talking prehistoric — and with that has come both incredible enthusiasm and skepticism. For many, the jury is still out on NFTs and the impact that they will — or won’t — have on society. For me, NFTs represent a revolution that has been a long time coming. Almost ten years ago, I named “virtual currency” as the next big wave. In fact, with the exception of blockchain (which I of course didn’t see coming), I’d even say NFTs were top on my mind back then. Why? — because of Farmville.

On a micro level, Farmville was just a silly game where people planted virtual crops. On a much larger level, however, I watched people spend real dollars to buy virtual sheep, and it flipped a switch in my mind. I understood that our lives were becoming more and more digital and I realized that human beings need to communicate through our purchases. It’s why the fashion industry exists — if we weren’t compelled to send each other messages through the brands and logos we wear, everyone would be dressing the same. What these observations told me was that as technology advances, the things we own in digital form would become the new conversation starters. I knew that many wouldn’t understand because they weren’t able to look past the present moment, but NFTs are a reflection of behavior from a macro human standpoint, and they’re about to cause a bigger wave than anyone could have imagined. 

Like the internet in the 1990’s or social media in the early 2000’s, NFTs will go down in history as one of the most significant things to happen in modern technology and culture at large. Big statement — I know — so let me tell you why I’m so excited. For me, NFTs are the coalescence of many of my lifelong interests: collecting, trading/flipping, business, creativity and building community.”