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reality/mind bending Games:




Marble Marcher:

The A MAZE festival (2020) in Berlin took place as a purely virtual event. For this the organizers created an interactive space, where the viewers, showing up as flamingos avatars, could have a look at nominated Games inside the interactive space:

in Game concert (Fortnite):

“Crypto Kitties” Game on Ethereum Blockchain:

on walking simulator games:

Dear Esther:

The Beginner’s Guide:

The Stanley Parable:

Grow Island:

The Unfinished Swan:

splatting paint reveals the scenery around the player

RollerCoaster Tycoon (1999) written in x86 Assembly:

Tennis for Two (1958):

OXO (1952):

Nimrod (1951):

Bernie the Brain (1950):

Colossal Cave Adventure (Text Adventure):

customizable book:


making-of abandoned museum scene:

abandoned museum scene:

Portal 2:

point of view, perspective:

Microsoft Flight Simulator :

Wii Sports:


Wii Fit with Wii Balance board:

Easter egg in Adventure:

In may 2019 I went to a talk of Gundolf Freyermuth at Uni Zurich where he was talking about digital games and what sets the medium apart from other mediums like film. What I remember most is the possibility of making a game non linear and that players become an active figure by taking action and making decisions, which is not possible in films, where one is just a viewer. :

2D and 3D combined in one Game:

Game of Life by John Conway: