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locations of some 3D scans in a customized google maps:

I was wondering around for quite some time about a method for geocaching without having to place anything in the woods. In Switzerland hiking paths are made visible by the sign painted on the tree in the picture below. These hiking signs can be found quite frequently along a hiking path and are going to be used as an unlocking mechanism.

scanning a tree using my phone:

adding a worm made in Blender to a 3D scan:

scanning process made with a phone:

wood wide web:

early test scan:


We are hunters and gatherers. Constantly wandering and wondering, trying to expand our perception. Shifting more into digital exploring, yet still trying to solve the riddles of the universe. Analog and digital still goes hand in hand. There is no software without hardware. I am interested in our human need to document, reproduce and analyze everything around us, including ourselves. In digital games our human desire to explore, hunt and gather can be fed. More and more common is the procedure of photogrammetry in the creation of Games.

Safiental environment = „hardware“ , gets translated into 2D (pixels) -> symbiosis of human and software -> human walking around scanning objects -> software stitches the pixels automatically together

3D models -> pixels -> flat 2D screen

digital information is not set in stone – can be changed, updated, letters and numbers in books are set in stone. light conditions are constantly changing.

Google Earth:

“Google maps is for finding you way. Google Earth is about getting lost. Google earth is the biggest repository of geo-imagery, the most photorealistic digital version of our planet. We’re trying to create a mirror world, so people can go anywhere.”:

2016: instagram removes its geotagging map:

In November 2019 I witnessed the addictive power of the game Pokémon Go in Shinjuku Japan. On a sunny day the whole electronic district was crowded with people, who were starring into their phones and trying to catch Pokémons:

scene Browser based Game: