now 2020 (live streams found on the world wide web)

“now” was on view form July 30th- September 30th 2020 at:

now is a collection of eight live streams. When opening the page the viewer saw a live stream. The live stream was randomly chosen from a pool of eight live streams, which I selected from the platform YouTube. When refreshing the page the live stream changed allowing to remote sense another location. The viewer was seeing different places of the world through the angle of different cameras that the YouTube channel owners have set up. Some of the cameras are programmed to change their viewpoint others are static and show always the same angle. Texts on billboards and other elements, function as signs and orientation tools that indicate the live stream authenticity of the videos. Given the current circumstances, traveling to distant places has become increasingly difficult, making us more and more dependent on digital photographs and videos that are available on the world wide web, whereas one can never really be sure that what the cameras show, is actually live. Also the cameras are only able to record 2D views. For the viewer the live streams are like a stream of fleeting moments, available on YouTube for a short timespan after that no longer visible to the public.

screenshots from different live streams: