Game title: .zip (Internt archive)

The user is located in a labyrinth of endless corridors, with countless self storage units. The storage units are oriented on the concept of Cabinets of Curiosities and data centers. The player encounters along the way in the different storage units digital native things such as Facebook pixels as well as analog things translated into digital such as 3D models/ 3D scans downloaded from 3D model websites that were uploaded under the Creative Commons license often by museums.

sketch of the setting:

game play test scene:

use w,a,s,d keys to move and the mouse to look around or use the joystick on phone or iPad:

Game details: 



Storage auction lockers:

Japan Don Quijote store

1 euro stores:

Chaotic storage, source: Book New Dark Age, James Bridle:

Art storage spaces, source: Duty Free Art, Hito Steyerl:

photo note from the Gamescom 2019, mystery boxes:

unboxing of online ordered mystery boxes: