To be continued (list of star wars changes 1977-now)
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Star Wars is an early example of using a lot of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) not only in the original movies, but also in the re-releases to enhance a movies realistic touch with more sophisticated CGI that wasn’t available when the movie first came out on VHS. Star Wars re-releases not only had new effects, they also contained sometimes plot twists that changed the entire meaning of certain characters or the story.

The Video below contains every change in the Star Wars movies so far that are being documented by this fan site :

Since now so many versions of each Star Wars movie exist it’s hard to tell, what is true and not true. The storyline becomes fluid, blurry and non linear. The Star Wars movies are stuck in an endless cycle of getting recycled over and over again either in a new episode or in a re-release.

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“I don’t know and I don’t care”
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